About Us

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About Us

Welcome To The World Of Online Exhibition.

Utradefair is the First Indian Company in entire Asia, to provide you a fully equipped solution to host your Exhibition Virtually Live.

We provide you in virtual world every smallest facilities which is avilable in real expo that to be in a broad way. When utlized with your physical expo, its benifit becomes 100 times, what you are acchiving in the phiscal expo.

Pre - Expo:  Host your online exhibition, before your phycical expo, let your customer get more information about your exhibitior, their profile and their product. Make your exhibition way more popular then what you are getting from other marketing stratigey.

With - Expo:  Host your online exhibition along with your, physical expo, those who didn't make out for expo for any reason, let them visit your online expo. Get more and more trageted foot fall.

Post - Expo:  Host your online exhibition after the end of your physical expo, let your visitor get more information about the product in your expo or about your exhibitior profile. Follow up your leads anytime, see your sale growing.


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Get this subscription for complete one Month and no extra cost cover your PRE EXPO - WITH EXPO - POST EXPO.


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Mail us on customer.care@utradefair.in