India Horti-Food Processing Expo

Invites Entrepreneurs, Manufacturer looking for technology upgrade, Consultant & Representative from Institution, Individual Planning to set up an Industry, Distributors, partners, exporter & Importer, Allied Industries, Government Policy makers and officials, Scientists, Technology seekers and suppliers, Progressive Farmers & FPOs, Consumers and foreign Delegates under one roof of Virtual exhibition of Horticulture and Food processing organised by Indian Chamber of commerce.

You will enjoy the features:

60+ Exhibitor exhibiting their most Advance and Latest 1000+ product and Technologies with jaw dropping offers and benefits. See the latest trending product in field and get yourself educated.

Top 10 reason why should be the part of India Horti-Food Processing Expo
  • Sixty plus exhibitor under one roof showcasing their Thousand plus best product in front of Five thousand plus visitor.
  • Make new connections with other sellers and open new doors of opportunity in business globally.
  • Stay educated and update your self with the world's latest technology and latest Instruments in Horticulture & Food Processing Industry.
  • Get the best available deal on the finest technology and machinery of Industry, which is available no where else.
  • Get in touch with the exhibitor and ask them all your doubt, also see the online demo of product.
  • Most advance IOT product and Technology in the field of agriculture, Horticulture and Food processing Available here.
  • See the latest trending product and technology, about to get launch in the market.
  • All your search related to Agriculture and Food Processing ends here in this 7 days of online expo.
  • Visit Anytime Anywhere with Any device as per your convenient.
  • Open the new horizon for your business and search new customer in any corener of the world.





Ice Make Refrigeration Limited Manufacturer & Exporter of Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Equipment with HCFCs/HFCs refrigerants and Ammonia refrigerant.

Here Business meets technology

Promotion of the horti-food processing industries during the current pandemic situation is tough and we need to Communicate effectively and efficiently to maintain customer relationships. In all cases, we should look to build trust with current and potential customers through proactive communication via various digital platforms available in the market. It’s important to stay on top of how changing markets and trends might affect the business. With this background the Indian Chamber of Commerce is organizing the India Horti-Food Processing Expo through the ICC Virtual Exhibition Platform , which it intends to bridge the gap between stakeholders of the food Processing Industry.



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