Why Us?

Utradefair is the asia's first company to provide a fully equipped soluton to host virtual online exhibition along with physical exhibition.

Our digital expo product comes with all the essential features to complement a physical expo. We can host digital expo for much longer duration than a physical expo to amplify higher return on your investment.

During pre-expo period (typically for a period of 2 weeks before physical expo), you can popularize the upcoming expo, attract more visitors by providing visitors a preview of your products, new launches, offers.

During co-expo period (typically for a period of 2-3 days running along with physical expo), you can leverage the digital expo to reach out to visitors who could not attend or who are different part of the world or who missed to visit your booth during the day, you can share product information/brochures which can be referred for more details. You can also contribute to green world by avoiding paper based brochures.

During post-expo period (typically for a period of one week after physical expo), you can continue to interact with your visitors who might want to get more details before making a potential buy. You can also allow visitors to refer other customers.

Utradefair is the First Indian Company in entire Asia, to provide you a fully equipped solution to host your Exhibition Virtually Live along with your physical exhibition.

We are an year old company. So far, we have conducted 5 expos successfully across multiple industries - with an average visitor count of 80 per exhibitor and with conversion rate of 30% visitors turning out to be potential buyers. We have had visitors across India from multiple cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc.) and also from overseas (Malaysia, Singapore, etc.)



Facilities We Provide

Utradefair works in virtual world, providing a unique platform for Online 2 Offline markets. Its a computer-based online community environment that is designed and shared by individuals so that they can interact in a custom-built, simulated world. Users interact with each other in this simulated world.

Online to offline


UTF provides a business strategy designed to bring online customers to brick and mortar locations as well as create a seamless digital experience before, during, and after the sales. It also identifies customers in the online space, such as through emails and internet advertising, and then uses a variety of tools and approaches to entice the customers to leave the online space. UTF enables the customer to enjoy and get benefited from show who are in distance location from the spot of show.

Virtual expo


UTF is the world's 1st all-in-1 Virtual Expo Network with multiple virtual expos happening at the same time by city, states, and country across multiple industries. Exhibitors and attendees no longer have to hunt each other down for meeting when they can schedule meetings before the event. This will also complement all physical events for business networking, Boost engagement and conversions with attendees through chat facilities and webinars. Also Allow attendees to make purchases directly from your virtual exhibition.

Virtual mall


First time in Asia UTF comes with an online platform to make the entire shopping mall online with a unique fragrance of Online 2 Offline Commerce. It also provides all the features and facilities available in a shopping mall for his buyer and seller online. Right from parking the car to buying a product or selecting / searching for a product to get the best deal. Sellers can shout out all the offers they are running with, upload all the product let the buyer make a hassle free purchase.


Pioneer in bridging online and offline businesses

Asia's #1 platform for Online Expo

Number of Industries covered

Average number of visitors for each exhibition

Percentage of visitors who are qualified buyers

Live & Upcoming Exhibitions


At UTF, we envision to bring new dimensions to conducting and managing businesses. A vision to help businesses to harness new and innovative technologies to their advantage and get close to customers

A career at UTF is guaranteed with enormous opportunities for learning and career growth. It is essential for everyone to have the energy and enthusiasm to travel unchartered territories and ability to overcome obtacles to deliver continuously on our promises to each of our stakeholders

If you are one of those who has the zeal to work in a dynamic world, you can send your CV to careers@utradefair.in

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